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True vision truely
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Hello & Welcome!

Hi! I am Shane and thank you for stopping by Belceto.com to discover all that I can offer you and/or your business. This website is designed to share all the places you can find meonline, my contact information, and information about several of the areas I work in such as speaking, and coaching. Please do feel free to communicate with me any way you feel most comfortable and don't hesitate to ask any and all questions you may have. I would love to help any way I can.

So Who is Shane Belceto?

Shane Belceto inspires others and coaches you to be and do more. Loves anything and everything Mickey Mouse, working with teens and youth of all ages, leading and working on mission trips world wide, and energeticly skipping arround the globe while helping others. Shane will always be a kid at heart and puts his heart fully into all he does. Shane loves working with others hands on and side by side and lives his life with the TEAM spirit ...


= together


= everyone


= achieves


= MORE!*MORE Miracles in his mind*
Shane's books and sites are his way of giving back so you too can benifit from your own and others experiences in life.

Currently Shane works with others in ways such as:

  • Personal and group coaching by phone or computer world wide.
  • Personalized Youtube Channel and Coaching
  • Vision statements for youth of all ages
  • Publishing inspirational and motivational books.
  • Online Youtube educational classes
  • Speaking on Youtube and Personal Development

    As a certified life coach, speaker and author Shane helps people all over the world step out of their comfort zones and create magic in their lives. He is a master at being able to see both sides of the coin. Shane says, "Being visually impaired all of my life has forced me to see things in new and magical ways, while it has also given me the ability to help others see things differently.".He is a natural giver, mentor, and achiever. Loves teaching and helping others to overcome challenges. Strongly shares that "I believe in following your dreams, a lesson I learned from Walt Disney, the visionary who gave us Mickey Mouse.".

    In his early twenties, he was introduced to Jim Rohn. With the love of personal development sparked, Shane found value in all of his studies and continues to learn and grow each new day. Utilizing technology, he now teaches others the lessons he have acquired from his personal challenges and his successes as an entrepreneur. He also enjoys connecting with others through social media, and is amazed how it helps us all in so many ways.

    "I believe that all of us should use all the senses we are given to their fullest potential.",says Shane and currently is developing products and tools for personal development and success.

    Shane feels he is living proof that anyone can succeed, no matter the circumstances. He thoroughly enjoy creating strong friendships and teams. He desires to make a difference in the lives of everyone he encounters, wishes to continue this path and would love to get to know YOU.

    "I am here to ensure that your time spent with me is fun, joyous, supportive, magical, uplifting and growing. I would love to work with YOU and your dreams and to support YOU any way you see fit. Thank YOU for your time and consideration.HUGS to YOU!"

    ~Expect Miracles
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    LIVE Leave Comments Free Offer Online @ Resourses





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