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What Others Have To Say About Shane Belceto

"Shane...an inspiration to us all who know him. Loving, kind hearted, caring, uplifting, honest, has a great desire to succeed, and see others succeed as well.Very polite, hard-working, respectful, professional, trusting, listens (not only with his ears, but, his heart), open minded (willing to take suggestions and opinions), dedicated to what he commits to do.

No matter what Shane faces in his everyday life, others are sure to benefit from his teaching and life coaching on personal development. Shane is looked highly upon for advise in many areas of personal development and life issues.

Thank you for being there for me personally Shane.

You are awesome....

Have a wonderfully blessed day."

-Tonya Hughes

Shane is a good man who has helped me through a lot. No matter what I've done he has always accepted me for being me. Hes been through a lot so he is easy to relate to, and talk to. Hes very trustworthy and has the best intentions. all in all, hes helped me through a lot with many problems, and hes always there for me when I need it."

-D (Teen so name kept private)

It has been an honor to get to know Shane Belceto. His work ethic and positively relaxed attitude have inspired me in a way that is priceless. When I had zero motivation to do what I had committed to doing, he was there to gently nudge me in the right direction and remind me that I am not alone. I never felt like I had to hide or guard myself from this man; I always felt accepted and appreciated. He helped me become a leader for the youth we were working with by teaching me some of the finer points of responsibility. I am blessed to have worked with and become friends with this man.

-Ryan Dittmer

Two things immediately jump to mind when I think of Shane. Smiles and.... more smiles!! I have had the privilege of working closely with Shane on two mission trips and no matter what he had a smile on his face! Sometimes the work was hard, like painting a house in the summer sun or getting up early to make breakfast for everyone, but no matter what Shane would happily do whatever asked of him. Not only does he have a terrific servant heart, but he is also a great leader. Some lead by assigning tasks to others, but Shane leads by example. If he thinks that you should be doing something differently, or that you aren't living to your full potential, he will be the first one to come along side and help. Overall this man is an amazing person who has the gift of helping others smile as they work through challenges."

-K (Teen so name kept private)

"I met Shane Belceto in the spring of 2009 through an international social media training program. I was brand new to all aspects of social media, and Shane was one of my mentors. I remember liking him right away- his kindness and generous spirit shown through immediately! When I was confused and making mistakes, he guided me calmly through all the steps I needed to take. He never failed to encourage me, cheer for my small successes, and empower me to take my participation to the next level. I always felt comfortable asking Shane for advice. He gave me undivided attention for every question.

Working with Shane is a delight. His sense of humor is fun but never mean-spirited. I'm not sure there is possibly a mean bone in his body! Shane and I have gone our own directions with challenges and successes in our respective businesses, but, as I told him lately: Whenever I see his name in passing, I always smile. Shane truly has made a positive difference in my life. "

-Robin Thomas

"I first met Shane Belceto about three months ago via Face Book. He is one of my FB friends. He said hello to me and we started a conversation about his goal of starting a coaching business. Jokingly I said I to Shane that I needed a coach and without missing a beat he offered to help me get organized so that I could reach my goals sooner than later.<

Shane is one of the most sincere and authentic people that I have ever had the pleasure meeting, He has shown a great deal of patience with me while guiding me towards my goals. He is empathetic and always understanding while telling you the truth in a gentle way.

His ultimate goal is to be of service and he is of service to me, and the rest of his community. He is focused on leaving the world a better place, one person at a time, one project at a time. And whatever he is doing, he gives his full, undivided attention to.

I am grateful to know Shane Belceto. He is a fantastic mentor and he does his absolute best to bring the best out of everyone he comes into contact with. That is a rare individual indeed."

-Erica Williams

Shane, you are always encouraging and understanding of people in every situation, or at least are good at hiding it if you're not. You don't use your limited eyesight as an advantage over people and that makes me look up to you when I feel I'm incapable of doing something. You're fun and energetic but also serious and hardworking. You helped in keeping us going on the latest mission trip and were always willing to give people another chance. Thank you so much for being you and good luck with being a life coach, I'm positive you'll do all you can to help people plan and see what they want to do with their future!!!!! "

-R (Teen so name kept private)


"I am here to ensure that your time spent with me is fun, joyous, supportive, magical, uplifting and growing. I would love to work with YOU and your dreams and to support YOU any way you see fit. Thank YOU for your time and consideration.HUGS to YOU!"

~Expect Miracles
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LIVE Leave Comments Free Offer Online @ Resourses





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